Zaheer Rafiq (Ziggy Rafiq) Full-Stack Designer and Developer Consultant

Zaheer Rafiq Website Coming Soon website is currently undergoing design and development phare by Ziggy Rafiq and Zaheer Rafiq is Ziggy Rafiq birth name and Ziggy Rafiq like to be known by Ziggy Rafiq then his birth name.

What Will Be Website Website will be showcasing Ziggy Rafiq Articles/Blog Posts, Demo Projects, Customers/Client Reviews along with more information about Ziggy Rafiq.

What is Zaheer Rafiq (Ziggy Rafiq) Professional

Ziggy (Zaheer) Rafiq has over 15 years plus of industry experience as a Technical Lead Developer and Full-Stack Designer and Developer. Zaheer Rafiq (Ziggy Rafiq) has designed and developed state-of-art websites, web applications, web portals and mobile applications using mainly Core technologies.

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